Are you looking to put your presence on social media under one roof and get actionable information in real time? Awario allows you to participate in conversations about your business after you’ve explored the web and found the people who had these conversations.

Keep an eye on social media and the Web with the Awario monitoring tool

When the web and social media are saying something about you, the Awario monitoring tool is able to capture mentions instantly using continuous monitoring in any language. This allows you to respond quickly to what is said, good or bad. You can then amplify the positive and clarify any negative comments or untruths about your brand before they get out of hand.

Having a website and social media are now almost requirements for small businesses in the digital ecosystem of today. And once you create your channels, the management of different platforms and the interaction with users require a lot of effort. Being able to do it in one place makes it a lot easier.

If your small business provides social media management services or if you’re a business that’s looking to manage your social presence and get to know you better, Awario has some great features to get you there.

What does Awario do?

When you choose the keywords that you want Awario to monitor, it scours the web and social networks for any mention of these keywords in real time. This includes setting up negative keywords to exclude publications with certain search terms so that the alerts you receive come from the relevant mentions.

Once he identifies these mentions, they can be sorted by scope so that you can answer the conversations having the most impact first. Your marketing efforts can then be prioritized to respond to an audience that is interested in your brand through insightful analysis.

Awario analytics breaks down the mentions by identifying where they come from, such as influencers or social networks. Awario also compares different alerts and analyzes events. You can send reports and statistics to your customers or apply them to your business. You can access all these data on your PC, smartphone and tablet to manage marketing tasks no matter where you are at day or night.


Being aware of what is being said about your brand is extremely important. If you need days, weeks, or even months to find out what your customers and potential customers are saying, it will be difficult at best to repair the damage, or even repair it.

The sooner you answer your customers’ concerns or answer the rumors, the more control you will have over the story that will take place. With Awario, your small business can get a business solution without paying as much.

Images: Awario