If your business allows you to pay the most beautiful hotel when you travel, why not you?

But what if you divide the savings with your employer by choosing a cheaper hotel?

A New York based startup, Rocketrip, believes that most employees will choose to save money if they are encouraged to do so. It is a business platform that rewards employees with gift cards that they do not respect on budget for travel and transportation.

After five years of recruiting commercial clients like Twitter and Pandora, Rocketrip has raised $ 15 million in GV-sponsored C Series financing (Google Ventures) to continue its expansion. Existing investors Bessemer Venture Partners and Canaan Partners are also present.

Inspired by Google’s internal travel system, Rocketrip CEO Dan Ruch describes his solution as a “behavior change platform”. Employees “always optimize their own interest”. a place like Amazon, Bloomingdale, or Home Depot, says Ruch. He said that the average business trip booked by Rocketrip allows businesses to save $ 208.

Ruch thinks Rocketrip has built a motto that motivates teams. He says some employees even offer Rocketrip points to congratulate their colleagues for their birthdays and promotions.

When it comes to business platforms, Rocketrip is “one of those unique situations where everyone is really excited to use it,” said Michael Gilroy of Canaan Partners, who sits on the board of directors.

Yet Rocketrip is not the only one looking to help employees make money by cutting costs. TripActions and TravelBank also created similar businesses.

Gilroy insists that “Rocketrip was the first” and that he considers others to be a “model validation”.

Rocketrip hopes someday to go beyond travel to encourage health care choices like quitting smoking. He also thinks companies will use Rocketrip points to reward employees for community service. “Whenever we can motivate an employee,” there is an opportunity for Rocketrip, believes Ruch.