The 911 will not be immune to Porsche’s electrification plans and this could be a good thing. The CEO of the auto company recently declared to Coach that the 911 hybrid will be the 911 most powerful we’ve ever had, 700 bhp could be possible. “Count Me (as long as someone buys it for me).

Porsche is already 911 models above the 700 mark. So it is likely that CEO Oliver Blume was referring to a non-performance version of the 911.

There was a time when everything but an air-cooled 911 was considered a shame. A hybrid powertrain will likely encounter similar cries. In the end, Porsche must adopt measures to track performance trends and meet fuel economy regulations. A hybrid system can probably do both.

Porsche has been playing with powerful hybrid powertrains for several years, including the Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid which develops 680 horsepower with an electric engine of 136 hp, up from the V8 of 4.0 liters of 550 hp also available. The most remarkable Porsche 918 Spyder 2013-2015 showed that Porsche was able to manufacture a gasoline electric car worthy of the Porsche nameplate.

A 911 hybrid would sit next to Porsche’s new pure EV range that currently includes a sedan and crossover.

Regarding a 911 hybrid, it is expected after the next version of the 911, which puts its release around 2020 or 2021.

Featured Image: pyntofmyld / Flickr UNDER LICENSE CC BY 2.0