“It’s a new day for marketers, and things are changing fast,” says the CMO. “I know how much marketing technology and customer data activation can be confusing.”

Vobejda says that she likes to help brands determine how to engage customers and grow their business. Prior to joining The Trade Desk, Vobejda was the marketing director for Tory Burch, a fashion brand, and held executive positions with Bloomberg, Yahoo, Gap, and Walmart.

“Helping brands and marketers manage these changes is something that interests me,” says the marketing director. “Every day is different and I love it.”

At present, the Vobejda team is developing a course entitled “Principles of Programmatic” designed as a training guide for brands and agencies.

“This course is an introduction to the power of data, targeting and digital media to manage the customer journey,” says Vobejda.

In today’s profile interview, the General Manager of Security steps back to the curtain to give us a glimpse of her days managing the marketing organization of The Trade Desk.

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