Hard cap is important for blockchains

Smart investors should always check the progress of an Initial Coin Offering before investing. The status of the hard cap and the soft cap can tell us a lot of things for the crowd funding campaign. If the soft cap looks hard to reach it is maybe a better idea to wait for the last days of the ICO. If you wait for the last days you can have the most objective opinion on whether the ICO will go as planned or if it’s a waste of time.

Short term investors that invest in an ICO want to sell their tokens immediately so often coins are sold cheaper than ICO price when the tokens are implemented at the bigger exchanges. Often it is smarter to wait for an ICO to go live before buying the tokens. Also many ICOs suffer from hacker attacks and it is normal for many investors to worry about the money they are investing.

Another key piece of the puzzle when evaluating a coin is the supply. This and the price both determine the market capitalization. The other key piece is the number of all the minable coins. Also how and will they be mined. Cryptocurrencies that are not minable are released in schedules to the circulation.

The coin mining schedule is referred to as the emissions curve or schedule. It helps to anticipate how valuable will a coin be in time. A lot of factors play a role here, but a coin that is mined is less likely to be volatile. Also if large quantities of coins are dumped constantly to the circulation ecosystem the currency will depreciate in time.

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